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Lombard Police Cracking Down On Drivers Using Handheld Cell Phones

(CBS) -- Lombard Police say they are cracking down on drivers using hand held cell phones, reports WBBM's Kimberly Easton.

Six months ago, Illinois banned hand-held cellphones, but Lombard Police say 33 percent of car accidents in their community are caused by drivers refusing to put down their cell phones.


Now they are enforcing a very strict ticketing campaign starting on August 1. Sergeant Joseph Grange says if they don't enforce the law, people won't take it seriously.

"Hopefully, we get to affect the number of these devises being used while people are driving and reduce crashes," he said.

Sgt. Grange says thought the hand held cell-phone ticketing campaign will end August 31, the ticketing of violators won't stop.

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