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Lollapalooza Happening In 2021, But Proof Of Vaccination Or Negative COVID-19 Test Required

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The announcement that Lollapalooza is happening this year comes with one big caveat -- proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test required.

But how will the city require people to prove their statuses?

At the end of April, Chicago Department of Public Health Commissioner Dr. Allison Arwady first introduced the idea of a Vax Pass, a way people can prove to venues they have been vaccinated against COVID-19.   

"Increasingly, where people are wanting to do things and lower their risk, vaccination will be your ticket to doing some of that, and you'll be hearing more about that," she said.

Lollapalooza is happening in July, and details of how organizers will require proof of a vaccine or a negative tests will be available in early July.

CBS 2's Marie Saavedra wanted to talk to the first state in the country already doing it.

"It really was about the vision of reopening the New York state economy," said Sandra Beattie with New York State's COVID-19 task force.

In March she spearheaded to launch of the Excelsior Pass. It is an app in which users enter a name, birthday and where and which vaccine they had. The technology then runs it against state vaccination databases to confirm.

"That's also the technology that enables the business to verify if it's a correct pass or not," said Beattie.

A green check means getting into everything from Yankees games to museums.

The app is voluntary, and as of this week, a million New Yorkers are using it, but it is not without its critics. There are reports of glitches, people who believe that information encroaches on their rights, much less people who don't have smart phones. Still, New York says it is in talks with Illinois about the pass.

"We have been having conversations with the state government level in the public health arena. We're beginning to talk to other Great Lakes States," Beattie said.

There is no confirmation from the state or City of Chicago as to whether this app could be used going forward, but it is possible something similar could be coming.

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