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Local Undocumented Woman Hopes For The Best, Prepares For The Worst

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Tension remains high on Chicago's southeast side, even though after weeks of warnings, there hasn't been much evidence of a crackdown on undocumented immigrants.

In fact, activists are staying vigilant, keeping people informed of their rights.

If a crackdown does happen, there are still plenty of questions about who exactly would be targeted and arrested.

CBS 2's Megan Hickey has the story of one woman and how the removal numbers stack up.

Francisca Lino has been seeking refuge in a Humboldt Park for two long years. She has no criminal record, but she is still on the list of people who ICE officers consider "immigration fugitives."

Next year will mark two years to the date since Francisca Lino lived a life outside the walls of a church. The walls are covered with drawings and flowers from her six children, her grandchildren and her husband who are all American citizens.

Lino, who crossed the border from Mexico in 1999 has been on ICE's radar since 2002 when she tried, unsuccessfully, to apply for a green card. And with a final removal order in her name, she's back in their sights.

"I'm worried and terrified that they come and take me out of here and the two years I've spent resisting will go to waste," Lino said.

She said right now she's fighting so that she can stay and raise her twin teenage daughters.

"They want to fight for me to be here," she said.

On Friday, President Donald Trump said ICE officers will be looking for criminals and "bad players." ICE said that in 2018, its officers arrested 158,000 undocumented immigrants: 66% had criminal convictions, 21% had pending criminal charges and like Lino, 3% had previously issued final orders of removal.

Overall, arrests were up 11% from 2017.

CBS 2 asked ICE for the breakdown of the current list of approximately 2,000 people said to be targeted for enforcement. The agency has yet to respond.

On Monday, residents and activist canvassed areas on the city's southeast side to ensure that community members are informed about their rights. Lino said she's going to fight to stay with her family until she can't fight anymore.

The Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights said it has been fielding an uptick in reports of ICE since Sunday, but so far none have been confirmed.

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