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Local Travelers Describe 'Chaos' Of Storm-Damaged Cabo

(CBS) – A Tinley Park woman and her fiancé are finally home after struggling to get out of the storm-ravaged region.

Matt Krivos and Tiffany Narwick, who are engaged, described their time stuck in Cabo, following a devastating hurricane.

"Definitely an experience I'll never forget," Krivos said Thursday as the couple made it back to Chicago.

"The hotel rooms were totally annihilated -- the glass from the front was all blown in," Narwick says.

They spent days sleeping on a shelter floor, sleeping on mats.

"They actually were even able to open up the spa by the third day so we could actually shower and everything like that, but it was chaos," Krivos says.

Their route home was via military aircraft.

Krivos said he had mixed feelings about coming home.

"We were on a bus on the way to the airport finally, yesterday. Tears came to my eyes because it's like this is their life for the next six months or a year before it will be back to normal," he said.

Krivos and Narwick, who were in Mexico for the groom-to-be's birthday, are among the lucky ones. Tens of thousands of vacationers remain stranded.


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