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Irish Nobleman Pub Offers $1,000 To Family That Adopted Kobe The Dog For His Return To His Original Family

CHICAGO (CBS) -- After 10-year-old Kobe the dog got away from his owners on July 5 when he became afraid of fireworks, he was picked up by Chicago Animal Care and Control and eventually sent to another rescue and legally adopted by another family -- all while his original owners say they were looking for him.

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Now Irish Nobleman Pub is offering a $1,000 cash incentive to the people who adopted Kobe in exchange for his return home.

"As an animal lover, and dog owner myself, I have lost some sleep over the horror that is this situation," said Candace Zyndia. "My fiance and I own an Irish Pub in Chicago, and our staff, neighbors, and customers are all equally distraught over this. We would like to offer a $1,000 cash incentive to the family who has the dog -- to get them to do the right thing and return Kobe."

❤ Irish Nobleman Pub is offering $1,000 CASH incentive for the return of Kobe to his rightful owners & family. ❤ Please Share!

Posted by Irish Nobleman Pub on Friday, August 2, 2019

The lawyer for a rescue group says his clients have met their legal obligation. Andre Wrighte, who represents Fetching Tails Foundation, said his client has a "legally binding and enforceable contract with the adopter of the dog," who won't give the dog back to the original owner.

A search through the neighborhood showed no signs of Kobe. The family didn't realize that animal care workers found the dog July 6th and took him to Chicago Animal Care and Control.

He stayed there for three days and then was transferred to Fetching Tails Foundation. Wrighte said the group neutered and micro-chipped the dog and treated an ear infection. After about a week with Fetching Tails, another family legally adopted the dog, Wrighte said.

"It just so happens that, in this case, the dog was adopted sooner than expected," Wrighte said.

The Moses family, who was still looking for Kobe, heard Fetching Tails might have had the dog. Symara reached out last week and the group's president told her the new family didn't want to give the dog up.

"It's like you're losing a child," Kobe's original owner Symara Moses said.

"I can't imagine why these people wouldn't want what's best for the dog ... Maybe the rescue wouldn't refund the money spent on the adoption? Maybe the rescue didn't offer that to the new adopters either? If they are good people and the rescue just failed to communicate with them or make it easy for them to return Kobe, maybe the cash will give them an incentive so they aren't out any money and can adopt a dog who actually is in need of a loving home. Anyhow, I hope this helps. From the bottom of my heart, I hope this helps."

"I just hope we get our dog back, so we can go back to being the happy family that we were," Corey Moses said.

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