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Spring blooming at Little Ducky Flower Farm, where you can pick your own tulip bouquet

Pick your own tulip bouquets at Little Ducky Flower Farm in Barrington
Pick your own tulip bouquets at Little Ducky Flower Farm in Barrington 02:03

CHICAGO (CBS) -- It's spring, so gardeners are keeping close tabs on the weather for planting. The tulips are already blooming at Little Ducky Flower Farm in Barrington, where you can pick them yourself.

It's owned by a husband-and-wife team with some unexpected backgrounds.

Despite owning a farm, Chris Yamamoto's main job isn't farming. It's something very different. 

"I work in aerospace engineering, mostly as an analyst as well as a deputy aerospace engineer," he said.

After gardening for years, Yamamoto and his wife started Little Ducky Flower Farm in Barrington about two years ago.

Now flower lovers can pick their own tulips there. He showed the right way to do it.

"We will wind the bottom base of the tulip. You'll just grab it, wiggle the stem, and pull straight up," he said.

It might be easy to pick them, but growing them is a lot of work. Yamamoto said, in some ways, farming is more difficult than his aerospace engineering work. 

"Two plus two is always going to be four, but if the rain shows up, or we get a frost, you really have to be on your toes," he said.

The work must be worth it, because Yamamoto and his wife plan to expand.

"When you come back from a long day of work, and kind of sit in the field, it's quiet, it just brings you joy, it brings me joy, it brings me a lot of joy," he said.

The cost of picking your own tulip bouquet at Little Ducky Flower Farm starts at $28 for 10 flowers. You need an appointment so the farm doesn't get too crowded.

While you're there, you can also visit their ducks and sheep.

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