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Listen: Tim Beckman's Opening Remarks At Big Ten Media Days Didn't Disappoint

(CBS) Big Ten media days opened Thursday at McCormick Place in Chicago, and Illinois football coach Tim Beckman -- who boasts an affinity for using acronyms to motivate the Illini -- didn't disappoint those anxiously awaiting his trip to center stage.

With his volume turned on full blast, Beckman started his press conference by saying he's excited for football to start and then explaining that "Oskee" is more than just a battle cry and school fight song lyric for his Illini.

Take a listen.

Tim Beckman explains Oskee

If you didn't follow all that, here's the transcript.

"We use the word Oskee not just because of the word Oskee or that it's a battle cry of the University of Illinois. But it also stands for something. That stance that we use that word for is our success equals the knowledge of being -- the K, the knowledge, of being a great student-athlete on and off the football field. Understanding how to be supportive. How to understand to be successful in the classroom.

The E stands for effort, giving all-out effort in everything you do each and every day. And then the last E stands for energy. Energy, being a positive influence on the people around you. Having that belief and that system as being a teammate, being a brother, the band of brothers."

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