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Police: Victim's Name, Words 'I Hate You... Hope You Two Die' Were Found Written On Lisle Cigar Lounge Gunwoman's Wall

LISLE, Ill. (CBS) -- Police in Lisle announced Monday that they had found writing on the wall of a gunwoman's condo that suggested a personal motive for a shooting that killed a retired state trooper and injured two others.

As CBS 2's Charlie De Mar reported, Hyde Park apartment complex where Lisa McMullan lived is a sprawling maze of units. But police were only interested in Apartment 503, where McMullan lived.

Late Monday, it was secured with a padlock, and its door frame had sustained notable damage. But behind that busted door, written on a wall of McMullan's condominium were the words: "I hate you…hope you two die!" Lisle police said.

The wall also listed the name of Greg Rieves, the retired trooper who was killed – and another man. The second man whose name appeared on the wall was not at the Humidor of Lisle cigar lounge when the shooting took place, police said.

Despite that discovery, a clear motive for the shooting has yet to be determined, police said.

The Humidor cigar lounge reopened Monday after being closed since the shooting Friday night.

As CBS 2's Steven Graves reported, local customers came back – undeterred, but still a little unnerved.

"I wanted to show support," one cigar lounge patron said.

"It brings that reality," added cigar lounge member Jane McKenzie. "It's a sad reality."

McMullan, 51, shot Rieves, also 51, and two others before turning the gun on herself and taking her own life.

Lisa McMullan
Lisa McMullan

Rieves was killed when he was shot in the head.

Rieves Trooper Car
Gregory Rieves

A current trooper, Kaiton Bullock, 48, and a retired ISP special agent, Lloyd Graham, 55, were hurt in the shooting.

Newly-released calls between police and dispatchers paint a frantic Friday night inside the lounge.

"We have a mass casualty. I have an unknown shooter!" a dispatcher is heard saying.

An officer is then heard saying: "I need everybody inside! I need four ambulances staged!"

It took about seven minutes for police to secure the scene.

As for the investigation, police talked to one of the surviving victims on Monday. State Police said Monday that Bullock and Graham were recovering and their conditions remained stable.

Authorities said previously McMullan knew Rieves, but have not said how.

Confused customers had good memories of both Rieves and McMullan.

"I swear, none of it made any sense!" a man said, adding of Rieves, "This was one of the nicest guys you ever want to meet!"

Of McMullan, another man said: "She sat back and smoked her cigars. She enjoyed her cigars."

"She always had a thing where she would spray air freshener just to take that staleness out," McKenzie said.

McMullan was also a valid Firearm Owners Identification card holder and also has a concealed carry permit, and she'd had no previous run ins with police.

But on Monday night, investigators were focusing on what McMullan left on her own walls, and they call the shooting personal.

CBS 2's Graves checked for previous calls to McMullan's home, but nothing was found.

CBS 2's Steven Graves contributed to this report.

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