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Liposuction Moves To Surprising Area Of The Body

(CBS) -- Liposuction can tame trouble spots on the hips, abdomen and thighs. Now, just in time for the changing seasons, some women are choosing to have it done on an unusual part of the body to help their winter wardrobe fit better.

"I think there's only so much you can do to spot-train, so I had a lot of fat deposits on my calves," patient Myenna Sayre says.

She has worked out every day for the last two decades and was still frustrated.

Doctors say it's definitely a problem area.

"This is kind of diet-resistance fat. They cannot get rid of that thicker lower ankle region," Dr. Otto Placik says.

So, what do women do if they want to fit into skinny jeans and boots for the chilly season? Some turn to calf liposuction.

"We basically extract fat from the calves, and commonly what people would refer to as the 'cankles,'" Placik says. "People feel that they want to have that thinned out, a little bit more definition."

He says the procedure involves three to four minor incisions and takes about 20 to 30 minutes per calf.

"It was great. I was able to wear tighter jeans that could actually fit. I could wear all my favorite boots. It was fantastic," said Sayre, who had the procedure done.

Calf liposuction costs between $2,500 and $5,000 and recovery takes about six weeks.

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