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Driver Hits Gas Pump, Causing Major Gas Leak In Lincolnwood

CHICAGO (CBS)-- Surveillance video captured a messy incident at a gas station in Lincolnwood.

The driver of a red pickup truck can be seen backing up and hitting a gas pump. Gas then starts gushing from the base.

The driver can be seen opening his door and then driving off.

Firefighters were called to Cicero and Touhy to contain the leak. Gas poured into the sewer, so environmental experts were called to help. The fire department was directed to use hoses to flush out the system with water.

About 275  gallons of gas leaked.

Crew used sand to help dry up the spill. A  hazardous materials cleanup company has been hired to clean up the site, officials said.

Sections of nearby roads were closed during the cleanup.

The driver was located and issued citations, officials said.

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