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Lincolnshire Police Investigate Sexting At Stevenson High School

(CBS) -- They were warned about the dangers, but that apparently did not stop students at a north suburban high school from sexting. Now, Lincolnshire police are involved.

CBS 2's Dorothy Tucker reports some Stevenson High School parents say they weren't notified about the alleged activity.

High school spokesman Jim Conrey says the sexting suspects are juveniles. There are several, he says, both boys and girls. And the lewd photos appear to be selfies.

"It's a regrettable situation all around. Because anytime you're talking about sexting, not only does it diminish the person whose image is being shared around, but secondly it also diminishes the value of the person who is sending the images around. Everybody gets hurt by this," he says.

Not everyone was informed.

"We should know. We're the parents. If this has something to do with one of my kids, I'm going to be in shock. I think we all need to know what's going on," parent Norlaine Elsbury says.

The school two months ago sponsored a forum to discourage students from sexting.


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