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Lincoln Park Zoo welcomes baby Grevy's zebra

Endangered Grevy's zebra born at Lincoln Park Zoo
Endangered Grevy's zebra born at Lincoln Park Zoo 00:13

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Lincoln Park Zoo has a new addition. An endangered Grevy's zebra was born at the zoo on Monday, weighing 105 pounds.

Her mom, 16-year-old Adia, gave birth in the early hours on Monday. The newborn was able to run an hour later.

When she's full grown, she will be about 850 pounds. The foal is Adia's fifth offspring.

Zebra Foal Born at Lincoln Park Zoo by Lincoln Park Zoo on YouTube

"It's amazing to see the population of these endangered zebras continue to grow," said Curator Dan Boehm. "Mom and foal are hitting all of their postpartum milestones and the newborn is quite spirited and very active."

Fewer than 2,000 Grevy's zebras are left in the wild, due to habitat loss and competition with livestock, according to the zoo.

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