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Lights! Camera! Glenview!

GLENVIEW (CBS) -- Hollywood's infatuation with Chicago continues.

Megawatt stars Matt Damn and Gwyneth Paltrow are filming a big-bucks thriller, "Contagion," in and around town through December. So many films are setting up shop here that it has turned star-gazing into a bonafide business, CBS 2's Vince Gerasole reports.

The glitz of Hollywood has moved to the burbs, Glenview to be exact, and passing neighbors like Tammy Hartwig aren't just walking their dogs. She's looking for the stars.

"I currently have my handicam charging up," she said. "I'm ready."

Maybe Damon is at the local Starbucks, Kate Winslet is making a run to the Dominick's or how about Jude Law lunching at the Corner Bakery? The star-studded cast is all over Chicago for "Contagion," bringing to life a thriller about a killer disease.

If anyone knows where the film's stars are, it might be Adam Fendelman, publisher of, a site devoted to the Illinois film business.

"What I do is a I basically write about it a day before it happens. I tell people where to go and when," he says.

He says Damon will be here right after Thanksgiving. Paltrow is not yet here, though other co-stars are, Fendelman said.

It all started with the movie "The Dark Knight." Fendelman snapped a picture of the new Batman suit with a cell phone.

With the number of films shooting in the area skyrocketing, his site has turned into a bonafide business that now employs a staff of six.

Fendelman says when he first began posting news about local film shoots studios would send him "cease and desist" orders. Now he's invited to the sets for interviews. 

He's also making a few appearances in "Contagion" as an extra working at the Centers for Disease Control, in scenes he shot downtown earlier this week.


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