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Libertyville Residents Say Bike Path Increases Flood Risk

LIBERTYVILLE, Ill. (CBS) -- With more rain on the way the sandbags are out and concern is high about flooding in Libertyville. Some residents blame a state property bike path for increasing their risk of flooding.

CBS 2's Pamela Jones reports flushing excess rainwater away is becoming a full-time job for some Libertyville residents.

"It's scary every time this happens," said Kathy Kolaszewski.

Neighbors say a bike path behind their homes creates a kind of natural gutter, channeling water onto their property.

"The houses were built after the bike path was installed and you can see the natural pitch is right to the houses," said Scott Hutchins.

"We area the bottom of a swill of water from the west and when it passes underneath Fourth Avenue, it has nowhere to go," said Kathy Kolaczewski.

Scott Hutchins and Kathy Kolaczewski say sloshing around in their yards is bad enough. Even where there's a drain, there's flooding. They've been dealing with it for years.

"I guess this bike path is owned by the state, leased by the county, and managed by the village. So we have three different jurisdictions going three different ways," said Hutchins.

The public works director says workers spent the last two Saturdays laying these sandbags and he met with neighbors Wednesday. He says the village will need a survey to plan permanent changes down the road.

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