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Levine: Ozzie's Comments About Returning Are Met With Polite Indifference

(CBS) -- Former manager Ozzie Guillen's comment about wanting to manage the White Sox again in the future was met with some indifference, and some understanding responses as well.

Guillen was quoted in the Chicago Sun-Times on Wednesday stating that when Robin Ventura was finished managing the team he would be interested in returning.

His comments raised some eyebrows, despite the fact that Guillen was not campaigning for the job. The always-direct baseball man was just being himself and responding to a question about what he wants to do in the future.

"I was out of town and did not see the comments specifically," GM Rick Hahn said when asked about the story. "My focus is on winning multiple championships with Robin Ventura, so I am not really concerned about what may be next after that."

Ventura was more perplexed by the commentary after being told by Sox staffers.

"If I am not doing (managing) anymore, I don't care who is," Ventura remarked "So, it would be fine if it was him."

Guillen is in great position, as far as his economic standing goes. He has a job at ESPN and will continue to be paid by the Marlins for the four-year, $10 million deal he signed before 2012.

Still, it would appear after having repaired his relationship with Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf that some type of job with the team might happen down the road.

"I understand Ozzie having no filter," Ventura said. "I have understood that for a long time, and it doesn't bother me."

Ventura saw his old teammate (Guillen and Ventura played together from 1988 to 1997) before leaving on the team's last road trip. "It was good to see him," he said. "Eventually that stuff all heals."

Guillen managed the White Sox from 2004 to 2011. That period included the franchise winning its first World Series in 88 years. Guillen and former White Sox GM Ken Williams got into a power struggle that eventually led to Guillen resigning three days before the completion of the 2011 season.

Guillen signed the four-year deal with Miami a few days later. After a disappointing first season in Miami, he was fired with three years remaining on his contract.

The Guillen family makes Chicago their home.

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