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Levine: Cubs' Joe Maddon Believes In Benefits Of Meditation

By Bruce Levine--

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Take a deep breath, let it out.

It's one of the technical methods of Transcendental Meditation, which Cubs manager Joe Maddon practices to help make the most of his day. Every morning, Maddon likes to get his day started with positive vibes with some restful meditation. He does so while still in bed for 20 minutes or so in the morning, with a pillow over his head while laying down.

"This is something I have been in touch with for a bit," Maddon said. "I am a believer in all of that (TM). I do believe whatever you focus on in the morning, you can manifest through the course of the day. It does not matter if the focus is to be calm or courageous. Whatever that component is that day that you would like to manifest and result in a positive outcome, I always talk about the process. I don't concentrate on the results."

Maddon has used his techniques in coaching as well as his own lifestyle approach to the world. A "slow heartbeat" is a way in which Maddon describes others -- in the baseball sense, it means players who are calm in high-pressure situations.

"We think about good results from the process," Maddon said. "I have been doing this seven or eight years now. It is crazy how when you are really able to do this consistently and get on a good path, it's incredible how it can slow things down for me. I also believe the players can feel the same thing. It is about slowing things down. You don't let things speed up. You do not give much gravity to items that don't deserve it. Those are the kinds of things I attempt to do in the morning."

Maddon takes his time when he wakes up to get his day and mind organized.

"I used it to prepare to come here the first time," he said. "New city, new players. You definitely want to slow things down. I still get too quick sometimes. I really have to continue to remind myself to slow things down .If you are able to do that, you probably will be able to project things you want to."

Bruce Levine covers the Cubs and White Sox for 670 The Score and Follow him on Twitter @MLBBruceLevine.

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