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Let The Cubs-Indians Trash Talking Begin

(CBS) -- We all know that Cubs fans travel for their team, and Cleveland, a 5-6 hour drive, is no exception.

So what happens when the Cubs faithful tread on the Tribes' turf? CBS 2's Dana Kozlov went to find out.

Hat to headdress. Ronnie Woo Woo to Wild Things. Courtesy may give way to some World Series trash talking tonight.

"Tribe in 4," fans yell.

"It's going to be sad for the Cubs," a Cleveland Indian fan says.

As Cubs fans roam around Progressive Field, an obvious minority in a sea of Tribe loyalists.

The rhetoric is ramping up.

Roger Lewis, a Chicago Native jokes, "They kept telling me I forgot my Cleveland Indians hat."

"There will be some heckling, but not disrespectful heckling," another Cubs fan says.

So are the signs. One embellished with the 5-letter word so tiresome to Cub fans.

Ed Demasrus, Cleveland Indians fan says, "There will be....good faith. Good fun."

"We're here to love, not to fight," Oswego Cubs fan Mark Luchen says.

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