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LeBron James Gets A Kick Out Of The World Cup Streaker, Posts Video Of Him

(CBS) If you were watching the World Cup on Sunday afternoon, you might remember an extended shot of the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro as the second half played out. It was an iconic shot.

Why did the camera pan back to it a second time, though? There was a streaker on the field, trying to plant a smooch on Germany's Benedikt Howedes. It's protocol for TV broadcasts not to show streakers -- for obvious reasons and so as to not encourage them -- but it nevertheless leaves viewers at home curious.

Luckily for our curiosity, someone took video of Sunday's streaker and posted it on his Instagram account. It was LeBron James, of course, as the superstar was in Rio de Janeiro to watch the final and partake in a Nike marketing campaign.

James seemed to get a kick out of the streaker, who was actually fair well-dressed compared to some of his counterparts through the years. Check out the video below.

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