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Lawyers Defending Terror Suspect Adel Daoud Want Access To FISA Documents

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The federal appeals court in Chicago is considering whether terrorism defendants have a right to know why they've been wire tapped by federal agents, reports WBBM's John Cody.

Lawyers for 20-year-old Adel Daoud want to know why their client was wire tapped, according to DePaul University law professor Leonard Cavise.

Lawyers Defending Terror Suspect Want Access To FISA Documents

"The prosecution doesn't want the defense to have any access to any document about this case that came before a FISA Court, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Court, the secret courts that are supposed to be administering, if you will, the War on Terrorism," said professor Cavise.

Professor Cavise, who's not involved in the case, says the defense argues there's no fair trial if the defense can't see all the evidence against their client. Cavise suspects the case will end up before the Supreme Court regardless of how the appeals court rules.

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