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Chicago Man Suing The CTA After Being Run Over By Bus

CHICAGO (CBS)--Efrain Sanchez is suing the Chicago Transit Authority after, he says, he was denied service and run over by a bus on Sept. 1., causing him to suffer injuries that led to the partial amputation of his right leg.

According to the lawsuit, filed by Gainsberg Law P.C., CTA bus driver, Betty Day, closed the doors before Sanchez could board the bus on Pulaski Avenue, even though he knocked on the door. As Day drove away, Sanchez was unable to "maintain a safe distance from the bus," and he fell into the street. The bus then ran over Sanchez.

Day continued to drive away until she was stopped by police, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit claims Sanchez has since been hospitalised due to the multiple fractures in his right leg, the close to 10 surgeries and the partial amputation of the lower half of his right leg after an infection.

"This is an egregious act of negligence, and our client has already lost part of his leg as a result," said Neal Gainsberg, Gainsberg Law firm founder. "Ms. Day's actions have led to a long-term hospital stay for our client, as well as thousands of dollars in medical bills. I don't know what possessed her to keep driving without any regard for his safety, but both the CTA and Ms. Day must be held accountable for this flagrant failure to obey the law, and to protect the safety of Chicago riders."

The lawsuit has been filed in the Circuit Court of Cook County. The bus driver has not been cited in any way.

The CTA declined to comment on this lawsuit.

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