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127-Year-Old Lakeview East Building Relocated To Accommodate CTA Project

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The Vautravers residential building at 947 W. Newport Ave. in the Lakeview East neighborhood is moving a few feet to accommodate a CTA project. The building is 127 years old.

On Monday afternoon, crews started slowly moving it 30 feet to the west, for the CTA Red and Purple Line Modernization Project.

It will give the Chicago Transit Authority room to remove a curve in the track and allow for faster and more reliable train service north of the Belmont station with new stretch of track called the Belmont Flyover.

The move has a big price tag. It cost $1.75 million to buy the building and another $1.75 million to move it.

The building had been moved 25 feet as of Monday night, and the move will be completed on Tuesday. Work on the building should be finished in September.

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