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Lake Zurich H.S. Holds Special Commencement For Student Who Was Sick On Graduation Day

(CBS) -- This week, a week after commencement exercises at Lake Zurich High School, there was a special ceremony for one graduate.

Almost 500 seniors graduated from Lake Zurich High School this year. One student who planned to go through graduation on May 31, Erin Adams, could not, as it turned out.


She came down with what was apparently a stomach virus, so this past Monday, when Erin was feeling better, there was a graduation ceremony.

She says for her it was, "One of the nice surprises for her - she's a very active member of music department, choir and drama - the choir director got members of the choir together so they could perform and she performed with them."

Lake Zurich High School Principal Kent Nightlinger says they even had Pomp and Circumstance.

"We didn't have any band or anything there to do it, but the family members that showed up and myself and the 3-5 kids who came in - we started singing it ourselves."

Erin's mother has posted a thank-you on Facebook, saying, "Erin, and all of us, are so very grateful, appreciative, and honored!!"

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