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Lack Of Snow Hindering Winter Sports Enthusiasts

(CBS) -- You may like the fact there's been little or no snow in the area this month, but not everyone does.

Last December ended with more than 14 inches of snow having fallen (14.2 inches according to the National Weather Service). So far in December 2014, not much snow at all.

The last times there was just a trace of snow in all of December in Chicago was 1889 and 1912. The last time there was a tenth of an inch or less was 1943.


Anna Cosner of the Morton Arboretum says that's meant no chance for people to snowshoe or cross-country ski. She's watching the forecasts closely.

She says the lack of snow has been "surprising", adding that, "After last winter, we were really prepared this year thinking we're going to have all these contingency plans in case of extreme weather. So far, it's been very mild."

The Morton Arboretum rents cross country skis and snowshoes whenever there's four inches of snow on the ground or more. Anna Cosner says despite the lack of snow attendance is still up because of the Tree Illumination event.

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