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Police In La Grange Take Action On Intersection, Crosswalk Regularly Blocked By Traffic

LA GRANGE, Ill. (CBS) -- Police in La Grange have taken action to improve safety at an intersection in La Grange, which CBS 2 exposed is constantly blocked by cars when trains roll by.

In an email to CBS 2's Jeremy Ross, La Grange police said they are aware of the traffic backup that occurs on South La Grange Road at Ogden Avenue.

CBS 2 first reported on the story back in October of last year, and not much had changed as recently as this past Friday. The jams were so severe that there were moments when it was tough to tell where the flow of traffic was supposed to go and where a path for pedestrians was supposed to be.

In October, Steven Lifka reported the gridlock and pedestrian problems to police and the village. This past Friday, he said with the exception of one day, little has changed.

"They did have an electronic sign out here in November," he said in the Friday report. "It said, 'Please do not block the intersection or crosswalk.' It worked for that one day."

La Grange police Chief Kurt Bluder wrote Monday that they have conducted several special enforcement details at the intersection in the past, as part of an ongoing traffic safety campaign called, "Be the Change, Travel Safe in La Grange." One of the actions they took was the electronic sign that went up in November.

Officers also monitored the intersection and did not notice any violations in most instances – likely due to the fact that a police officer was there in the first place, Bluder wrote. When violations did occur, officers interacted directly with drivers, police said.

This week, La Grange police put up an electronic sign again, warning drivers not to block the intersection. Bluder wrote that police they will continue to provide additional enforcement activity at the intersection.

Further, since La Grange Road is a state roadway, the village will work with the Illinois Department of Transportation to improve signage. Signs have already gone up to remind drivers to be aware of pedestrians, Bluder wrote.

"The three E's of traffic management -- enforcement, education and engineering -- are critical to any solution," he wrote. "The La Grange Police Department will continue to strive to find solutions to enhance safety on all Village roadway."

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