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Kuma's 'Ghost Burger' Draws Some Critics

The Ghost Burger from Kuma's Corner. (Credit: Kuma's Corner)

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Some are saying the burger of the month being served by a Northwest Side restaurant is in bad taste.

Kuma's 'Ghost Burger' Draws Critics

Kuma's Corner at 2900 West Belmont seems to enjoy being irreverent.

It's a heavy-metal themed place which on its Facebook page, calls itself "purveyors of bovine genocide."

But some are angry over its new Ghost Burger, a 10-ounce patty of goat and beef meat garnished with an unconsecrated communion wafer.

On Facebook, Kuma's Corner describes the wafer as the body of Christ and the red wine reduction as his blood.

The restaurant's Luke Tobias admits to the Tribune that some find it sacreligious.

However, he says as long as it's unconsecrated, the wafer is really just a cracker.

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