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Now In A Giants Uniform, Kris Bryant Gets Choked Up Returning To Wrigley

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Kris Bryant was back at Wrigley Field for the first time since being traded.

The San Francisco Giants outfielder choked up during a pregame ceremony as the Cubs presented him with his number 17 and a 2016 banner. CBS 2's Matt Zahn has more on Bryant's return.

Kris Bryant said it felt weird to be back at Wrigley Field in an opponents uniform. No surprise, the fans welcomed him home with open arms.

"I'm not the best at soaking up big moments. Hope I can find a way to take it all in. Told the guys to film it from the dugout," Bryant said.

It's Bryant's first time with the road team here at Wrigley. The Cubs were on the road when they traded KB, so this was his first shot at proper goodbyes here at Wrigley.

"We were on the road, and Rizz got traded. We didn't get to say proper goodbyes to a lot of guys who made my life special here. That's been tugging at me," Bryant said.

And Bryant says he holds no ill will about the way things ended with the Cubs. In fact, he wouldn't rule out a possible return.

"That's a possibility. It always is. I'm never closing the book on this place," Bryant said.

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