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Kirk Urges Voters To Go To Polls, Regardless Of Choice For President

CHICAGO (CBS) -- With less than two days until Election Day, U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk was urging voters to go to the polls, as he seeks to fend off Democratic Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth in his bid for re-election.

"Make sure we have a thoughtful, independent senator in Washington. For me, as a Republican moderate, someone who's pro-choice, and pro-gun control, and pro-gay marriage to make sure that someone with moderate social views can go to the Senate," he said.

Kirk reminded voters it doesn't take much to cast a ballot, with early voting, mail-in voting available ahead of Election Day.

"If you had time to go to the Cubs parade, you need to have time to go vote for your country," he said.

Kirk said he understands voters' frustrations with their choices for president.

"You know that I de-endorsed Donald Trump, that I definitely don't support Hillary Clinton. I'm in the category that thinks that we can definitely do better than these two choices," he said.

The senator spoke to reporters before climbing 37 flights of stairs at the Willis Tower for SkyRise Chicago, a fundraiser for the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, where Kirk made his recovery after a stroke in 2012.

It was his fifth time making the climb at the Willis Tower, and Kirk said it shows he's physically capable of doing the job of senator.

"As you know, my doctors sent out a letter saying that I had made a full cognitive recovery," he said.

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