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Kenosha Shooting: Video Shows Suspected Gunman Kyle Rittenhouse Being Allowed To Leave Scene

KENOSHA, Wis. (CBS) -- The violence that erupted in Kenosha and ended up leaving two people dead and a third injured overnight Tuesday into Wednesday unfolded on social media.

CBS 2's Chris Tye pieced together dozens of eyewitness videos. Stitch together those videos of accused murder suspect Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, of Antioch, and a narrative emerges.

The shooting took place around 11:45 p.m. Tuesday near 63rd Street and Sheridan Road in Kenosha, amid a third night of unrest following the police shooting of 29-year-old Jacob Blake.

Police not only didn't arrest Rittenhouse at the scene, but at the start of the night they thanked an armed group who had come out – and at the end of the night, video shows Rittenhouse was able to walk right out of the Kenosha hot zone.

"We appreciate you guys, we really do," a police officer is heard saying on video.

Before there were bullets in the air, there were atta-boys for the so-called citizens' brigade that showed up armed.

"Thank you guys. Do you need water? Seriously. You need water? We'll throw you one," an officer says.

With that, the crew – some armed with long guns – took on the night. They did not have badges, but did seem to have tacit approval from the same sheriff's officials who told others: "You are a civilian. The area is closed. You are trespassing. Leave. Leave now."

Rittenhouse, part of the brigade, on Tuesday night is believed to have worn a white hat, green shirt, and blue gloves. He carried with him a long gun and, it appeared, permission.

In a hasty confession, the gunman appears to be heard saying, "I just killed somebody."

In the same moment from a different angle, Good Samaritans are tending to a man who has been shot in the head. As witnesses try to keep that man alive, Rittenhouse is apparently seen running down the street and gets noticed.

He is taken to the ground, and then fires his weapon at attackers. Another person appears to be shot by his long gun.

This time, police attended to the injured while the gunman kept walking – backward now, inching toward authorities at the end of the street as onlookers flagged him to police.

"Hey, he just shot them! Hey, dude right here shot them! Dude right here shot all them down there!" someone is heard saying.

With blue gloved hands in the air and the gun around his chest, the brigade member who was thanked at the start of the night was given safe passage past police. He was not stopped and cuffed, but was allowed to exit with only this warning: "You with the long gun – don't come down here. This is closed."

LIVE UPDATES: 2 Dead, 1 Injured After Shooting In Kenosha During Third Night Of Protests

Kenosha Mayor John Antaramian made it clear Wednesday that the city does not want people with weapons to come in and try to help police under any circumstances.

The county sheriff said their personnel hand out water to all types of people needing it, and doing so to these groups should not be taken a signal of support.

As for Rittenhouse showing up with his hands in the air, appearing to turn himself in, the sheriff said officers did not realize what he was trying to do.

Kenosha Police Chief Daniel said the two people who were killed were a 26-year-old resident of Silver Lake, and a 36-year-old resident of Kenosha. A 26-year-old resident of West Allis was wounded, but expected to survive.

The partner of the 26-year-old victim who was killed identified him to CBS 58 Milwaukee as Anthony Huber.

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