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'I Want To Believe In Our Community': Owner Of Kenosha Business Damaged During Unrest Reflects On Rittenhouse Verdict

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Local police in Kenosha remain around the area to make sure things stay calm after Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted of all charges on Friday, after his trial for shooting three people, killing two of them in Kenosha last year.

CBS 2's Tara Molina reports from Kenosha and spoke to those in the community. There is some still rebuilding from the past 15 months. They've kept a close eye on this trial and are prepared for anything after this verdict.

Can't afford to take chances, even though everyone here in Kenosha is hoping for peace, like we've seen throughout the trial and today just outside the courthouse.

While hopeful is the word to describe this business owner, she said they would have boarded up if they had the chance, who added she's still shaken up by what happened.

"I want to believe in our community."

A community Linda Tolliver's family business, Ed's Used Tires, is deeply rooted in.

"My dad started this business in 1961," Tolliver said.

She's watched the Rittenhouse trial, closely, from behind her desk here for a few reasons.

"I suffered about $30,000 worth of damages. The insurance company didn't cover very much. The landlord did help out some, but we just had to pull it together," Tolliver said.

Still pulling it together, more than a year later. The stolen ATM and safe were replaced. Linda said she and others in this community can handle peaceful protest.

"Everyone should have a right to voice their opinion," Tolliver said. "The wood I had last year is gone and I can't get it back."

While she won't be boarding up, hope is the name of her game. She does plan to stay in the business, rebuilt, with a 60 year history in Kenosha.

"I am just gonna have to sit here all night long and hope if they see me here, they'll move on."

Tolliver said she is telling her customers to come to the business soon, because they plan to close a bit early Friday, just in case. She said she wants to be able to send her employees home.


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