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Kasper: Position Needs For Cubs In 2012

(WSCR) Regardless of any trades the Chicago Cubs make this season, the organization will likely have a few holes to fill going into 2012 as a result of expiring contracts.

Aramis Ramirez is quietly having a good season. Carlos Pena is putting together solid power numbers. And Kosuke Fukudome is having his best season in Chicago. All three of those players could leave the Cubs via a trade or free agency.

If those three players don't return, which seems likely, the Cubs will have to fill holes at first base, third base and right field, and they could be limited in the resources to do so.

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"Last I looked, the Cubs don't have a Minor League player ready to take over any of those positions on an every day basis," Len Kasper, Cubs TV broadcaster, said on the Danny Mac Show. "Tyler Colvin, possibly at first or right. But considering how he has struggled this year, I don't know if you can just pencil him in next year.

"Those are very difficult decisions to make. If you don't bring those guys back, you're going to have to go out and possibly spend a lot of money to replace them. And I know there are a couple of first basemen who will be free agents after this season, but they're going to require a lot of money in order to sign."

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