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Kankakee Advocates In Springfield For Law Banning Local Officials From Shutting Down Lemonade Stands

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (CBS) -- A Kankakee girl took her fight to Springfield on Tuesday to help kids sell lemonade.

"Everyone is sick and tired of all of us getting shut down for our lemonade stands, and I think it's time to make a change," said Hayli Martenez.

Last summer, Kankakee County shut down Hayli's old-fashioned lemonade stand because the family did not have water and sewer service.

Hayli's mother, Iva Martenez, was unemployed and behind in the water and sewer bills. Iva said although the faucet was off, she and Hayli used bottled water.

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On Tuesday, Hayli testified before the Illinois State Senate Public Health Committee about Hayli's Law, which keeps local officials from shutting down children's lemonade stands.

The committee passed Hayli's Law. Next, the full state Senate will vote on it.

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