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Kane County Seeks Help With "Chronic" Illegal Dumping In Forest Preserves

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Kane County officials were asking people to help keep their forest preserves beautiful, and to stop illegal dumping on its land, and to help catch others when they do.

Officials said the practice, known as "fly dumping" has "reached a new level" in Kane County.

"It's a chronic problem here at the forest preserve," Kane County Forest Preserve District spokesman Mike Gilloffo said.

When someone illegally dumps trash or other debris on Forest Preserve property, county workers have to clean it up.

Gilloffo said they get everything from household garbage, to construction debris, to the kitchen sink.

"I remember one fellow was remodeling his bathroom, so he pulled up with a pickup truck, and loaded it up with his toilet, and sink, and everything else. We were lucky enough to be in the area when that happened, and caught him," he said.


Illegal dumping reached a whole new level when someone discarded an entire roof at the Rutland Forest Preserve in Hampshire earlier this month.

"They actually left us a note apologizing. Apparently they had some problem with another governmental agency, and so they decided that was their way to resolve the problem. But, in the end, the taxpayers wind up paying for it," Gilloffo said.

Gilloffo said illegal dumping is costly for taxpayers, and an eyesore for people who use the forest preserves for picnics and nature hikes.

The fine for illegal dumping is $75, plus restitution for cleanup and any repair of natural areas.

Gilloffo said there are specific facilities around the state that take construction debris and other large trash.

Anyone who witnesses illegal dumping in the forest preserves should call 911 and ask for a forest preserve officer.

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