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It's "Judgment Day" at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater and 2's Got Your Ticket

2's Got Your Ticket for "Judgement Day"
2's Got Your Ticket for "Judgement Day" 02:52

CHICAGO (CBS) — He had us all laughing - starring in one of the most successful sitcoms ever.  

Now, "Seinfeld" actor Jason Alexander is at it again in a new comedy playing at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater.

With 2's Got Your Ticket, CBS 2 Entertainment Reporter Vince Gerasole chats with the comedy powerhouse.

Alexander's portrayal of the self-centered, insecure George Costanza was comedic gold on "Seinfeld."

Alongside Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Michael Richards, he helped turn the show "about nothing" into one of the most successful sitcoms in television history.

Alexander is in rehearsals for "Judgment Day" at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater. 

He's a corrupt lawyer threatened by an angel with eternal damnation. To redeem himself, he forms a bond with a priest, played by Daniel Breaker.

"It's both frightening and a thrill to always work with something new, buoyant, and fresh," Daniels said.

Why is Alexander so good at playing characters that have few redeeming qualities?

"With the possible exception of 'Pretty Woman,' I usually don't get to play rouges who are truly despicable people. They may make some despicable choices, but they have a heart," he said. "And it could be that I love the contradiction of good people doing less-than-good things. There's a comedy to it. I think most people I walk around within the world are decent people or try to be. And we all make mistakes."

How much of "Geroge Costanza" was part of Jason Alexander?

"I used to say none but now I think I got to stop saying that. Certainly, he has my heart," Alexander said, adding that there was no real secret to the success of "Seinfeld" only that it surprised people.  

"I wish I knew the answer. Jerry (Seinfeld) and Larry (David) had a singular mandate. It was not character. It was not (the) story, although there were good characters and good stories. It was funny. If there was a "funny" there, but the character wouldn't really do that, they would in this episode. Because funny was king."

Jason Alexander, who is also an Emmy winner, a Tony winner, and an accomplished magician, can be seen in "Judgment Day" at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater from April 23 through May 23. 

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