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Ernie Banks' Will Confirmed By Judge

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A judge has confirmed the will of Chicago Cubs legend Ernie Banks, leaving everything to his caretaker, but the fight isn't over, reports WBBM's Veronica Carter.

Banks' widow, Liz says there was no will when he died in January but his caretaker, Regina Rice, said he had one drawn up three months before he died, leaving her everything.

Liz Banks challenged that but in probate court the judge heard from two paralegals who witnessed Banks sign the document then ruled in Rice's favor.


"It was a procedural matter today," said Liz Banks' attorney is Tom Jefson. "The judge ruled what he was going to rule on and we'll take it from there."

The two witnesses were questioned about whether Banks appeared to be ill when he signed the will in October of last year. Both said he seemed fine and said he acknowledged that he wasn't leaving any money to his family.

The Banks' attorneys have subpoenaed the Hall of Famer's long time doctor about any psychiatric evaluations or treatment for drugs or alcohol but none of that was made public during the court hearing.

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