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Jon Stewart Responds To Mayor Emanuel's Response To Jon Stewart's Rant Against Chicago Pizza (Is This Getting Out Of Hand?)

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A rant about pizza was all it took to seemingly split the country in two -- or so some jokes would lead you to believe.

Wednesday's episode of The Daily Show made the mistake of insulting Chicago pizza while defending One World Trade center's "tallest building in North America" title.

Chicagoans were not impressed.

Mayor Emanuel took the joke in stride, responding with his own joke via twitter: a photo of pizza he delivered to The Daily Show and a note that said "Jon, Deep dish with dead fish. Love, Rahm."

You can see the full tweet along with The Daily Show's anti-Chicago segment in our post from Thursday.

Was that the end of it?

Not even close.

Others have jumped on the response bandwagon, including famous Chicago pizza establishment Giordano's, who had Chicago comedian Pat McGann get Giordano's customers' opinions on New York style pizza. Not surprisingly, they weren't impressed by the thin slices New York has to offer or Jon Stewart's pizza diatribe. One child goes as far as to say, "I wish Jon Stewart wasn't such a meanie."

There are many in Chicago who may very well share that sentiment.

Watch Giordano's video below.

Chicago vs. New York Pizza | Giordano's Responds to Jon Stewart and The Daily Show by Giordanos Pizza on YouTube

Jon Stewart, apparently not one to let others beat a dead horse (or a joke) into the ground, responded to Mayor Emanuel's gift of Chicago pizza on his Twitter account Thursday night. You can see the tweet below.

Not wanting to weigh in on this whole ordeal, we only have one response for The Daily Show's tweet:

If the dog won't take the pizza, we will!

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