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John Fox On Pressure After Bears' 3-13 Season: 'Don't Care About All That Make-Or-Break Stuff'

(CBS) The Bears' first practice of training camp Thursday not only marked the start of the third year of the John Fox era in Chicago, it also marked the beginning of a narrative.

The microscope is on Fox to turn the Bears around after a 3-13 season -- not that he's paying attention to that talk.

"I do this for the love of the game," Fox said in an interview with Brian Hanley and David Haugh on 670 The Score on Thursday morning. "I don't do it to be a head coach. I don't do it to make money. It's a passion I've had two other stops, been to Super Bowls, haven't won one. I've not won a Super Bowl. We had a pretty extensive meeting last night, and that's still a goal of mine. I'm not dumb enough to think I can do this for 20 more years, all right. I love this city, I love this organization, I love what it stands for. Everybody in the city of Chicago wants a winner. I got to watch Joe Maddon experience what they did with the Cubs. That's been extremely overdue. I feel we're in the same position as the Chicago Bears. I don't care about all that make-or-break stuff."

"I've never put a number on it (wins in 2017). I never will. I just know it can flip fast. I've seen it too many times -- the outhouse to the penthouse and the penthouse to the outhouse. It happens in this league more than any other league in the world."

The Bears' drafting of Mitchell Trubisky at second overall to be their quarterback of the future was another sign that general manager Ryan Pace has ample time in his position to continue overhauling the organization. Fox's standing doesn't seem so certain. He understandably doesn't want to address his future head-on at this point, and Fox pointed out that's long been the way he operates.

He simply likes to play it close to the vest with the media and fans, keeping a more reserved approach when many of those close to him say he's far more gregarious.

"I'm usually very outgoing," Fox said. "I'm me. In front of a camera, I learned a long time ago, I'm not comfortable being me. Because I don't know what will come out. It can go viral. I've known too many friends that when you let your guard down, sometimes the regular you comes out, maybe in front of eight national feed cameras is not the ideal time.

"I've just learned through experience that you can make those mistakes when you let your guard down. So I am guarded in front of the camera."

Listen to Fox's full interview below.

John Fox with Hanley & Haugh

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