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Joe Maddon Introduces New Cubs Slogans For 2017, Headlined By Being 'Authentic,' 'Uncomfortable'

(CBS) A season after his Cubs lived up to the expectation to "embrace the target" by winning the World Series, manager Joe Maddon unveiled a string of new slogans for the 2017 season as Chicago looks to repeat as champions.

There were several main mantras that Maddon referenced at a press conference Tuesday as the Cubs opened spring training, and he explained the meaning behind each. Some, if not all, will surely find their way to T-shirts soon.


"The pertinent part of the authentic component is the fact that if you are in fact an authentic person, you're able to repeat what you've done in the past naturally," Maddon said.

"For me, I really want us to really understand the authentic part of who we are. From that, be able to sustain what we've done in the past just by being us. Don't try to do anything different. There's a part of the sameness I would like to see -- is the authentic part of our guys."

'That's Cub' 

This is a play on what was once a negative connotation.

"That would be Cub, that's Cub to move it forward, to win a World Series and then come back the next season and you're happy and you're impressed and you love what you've done, but you have to continue to move it forward," Maddon said.


"It's really important to be uncomfortable," Maddon said. "If you become a comfortable person, I think that subtracts growth from the equation. I think if you remain somewhat uncomfortable, you'll continue to grow. You don't become stagnant. You don't become complacent, set in your ways. On every level, I want us to remain uncomfortable. I think that's a really positive word."

'Don't forget the heartbeat'

"Why? Last year, Game 7, Cleveland, things went badly for a bit," Maddon said. "We came back and regrouped because our guys got together in a room, void of any kind of statistical, video, analytical information -- they went in there as human beings and came out unified.

"Everybody just wants to talk about all this other stuff. Everybody's forgetting the heartbeat. I don't want us to forget the heartbeat, ever."

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