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Jefferson Park Homeowner Creates Visual Magic, With Huge Rotating Christmas Tree Poking Through Roof; 'Go Big, Or Go Home'

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A Facebook video of a Christmas tree poking through the roof of a home in Jefferson Park touched a nerve with viewers, quickly becoming the top viewed story on our website on Wednesday, so we wanted to see it the magical tree in person, and boy did we get a surprise.

Morning Insider Marissa Parra discovered it's all visual magic.

"Go big or go home, that's something," said tree mastermind Dan DePaepe.

When it comes to Christmas, he does both.

He has twenty feet of Christmas tree rotating from his ground floor to his roof. If you like how it looks in the daylight, wait until you see it when the sun goes down.

"I loved Christmas as a kid. Growing up, I was in a big family. It was my job to set up the tree," he said. "This one is my newest creation."

A real estate agent by day, a hobbyist woodworker by night, the huge rotating Christmas tree took him over a year of planning, and three days to set up.

He's tight lipped about his method for creating the Christmas tree that appears to start on the first floor of his home, and go all the way through the roof, but there's one thing he does want you to know before you try this one at home

"Do not put a hole in the top of the house. The only people you'll make happy are your roofers," he said.

You'd think a giant tree warrants some giant presents, but DePaepe said he's already spread joy; his greatest gift yet.

"I like sharing Christmas with everyone else. If there's something else you want to do, do it if you enjoy it," he said.

Leaf peeping season might be over, but Christmas tree season is in full swing. You can see DePaepe's tree up close near Meade Avenue and Argyle Street in Jefferson Park.

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