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With Trade Deadline Looming, Javy Baez Spends Day With Youngest Cubs Fans At Pro Camp In Rosemont

ROSEMONT, Ill. (CBS) -- With the trade deadline coming up on Friday, Javy Baez is one of the Cubs who could be exported.

As CBS 2's Jackie Kostek reported Monday, for now the ailing shortstop is attending to other things. He gave the youngest of Cubs fans a day to remember.

Baez may be nursing a sore heel after going down hard in the eighth inning as the Cubs took on the Arizona Diamondbacks Sunday night, But on Monday morning, he was out on the mound pitching to some kids at his pro camp in Rosemont.

"When I was a kid, I grew up seeing Manny Ramirez, A-Rod, and Derek Jeter," Baez said. "I never had them this close."

But about 200 youngsters were able to get close, as they had the two-time All-Star they've watched growing up right there during pro camp Monday.

"Seeing their faces when they see me, it's incredible," Baez said.

Baez walked gingerly from drill to drill, after re-injuring his heel during Sunday night's win.

"It's pretty sore, to be honest," he said. "It's pretty sore right now."

Baez says he plans to take Monday and Tuesday off as the Cubs begin a four-day series against the Cincinnati Reds. With the trade deadline looming, Baez said he is counting on staying in Chicago, but acknowledges anything can happen.

"You guys see the business side. Hopefully, I stay here," Baez said. "If not, obviously I know where I came from. I know Chicago's a big thing and the fans love every sport here, so my heart is always going to be here."

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