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Jamie Dukes: Trestman's Bears No Different Than Lovie's

(WSCR) For most, the Bears' 24-21 win over the Bengals on Sunday was a breath of fresh air.

The Bears moved the ball offensively, rookies contributed and Jay Cutler wasn't sacked once.

But to former offensive lineman Jamie Dukes, Marc Trestman's Bears were no different than Lovie Smith's Bears.

"Let me asked you this," Dukes said to The Mully and Hanley Show. "I want you guys to be honest. Did you see anything different Sunday (with the Bears) that you didn't see in the last five years? Did that not look like the same Bears team? Or did I miss something? I didn't see anything 'wow!' offensively, where a unicorn popped out of someone's head and they did something miraculously. It was the same Bears. I was stunned.

Jamie Dukes

'I watched it again last night and I was just going, 'Gosh, I can't tell the difference between Lovie's Bears and this Bears team.' Keep in mind, the caveat is that the front seven that Cincinnati brings to the table is as good as any in the National Football League, but I couldn't help but say that I didn't see anything different. ... Last night, you saw in the Monday night game, wizardry as far as creativity. I was expecting something to that effect with all this talk about Trestman coming in here, quarterback guru, offensively, they just lit it up in Canada, yada, yada, yada. I didn't feel anything like I felt last night."

When asked why he thought Lovie Smith didn't get one of the seven open head coaching jobs after being fired by the Bears, Dukes was vague.

"Look at the guys who got hired," he said. "People make decisions for the reasons they make decision. Trust me, we don't want to go down this path with the conversation with Lovie today."

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