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It May Be Cheaper To Switch To ComEd, Chicago Area Consumers Are Discovering

(CBS) -- If you switched your electric companies thinking the grass was greener away from ComEd, it may be time to check your bill.

More than 60 municipalities in northern Illinois have switched back to ComEd, leaving the alternative provider.

CBS 2's Dorothy Tucker reports.

Dorann Gunard signed up with Homefield Energy because her home town of Mount Prospect had a contract with the company. She says she thought "we were to supposed to save money through Homefield."

But homeowners in Mount Prospect pay nearly 8 cents a kilowatt, or about $40 a month for 500 kilowatts. If they had ComEd they'd be paying less than 7 cents a kilowatt, or $35 a month, saving $60 a year.

"Someone should have noticed and told us. I didn't sign up with Hmefield to pay more," Gunard says.

Actually, Mount Prospect village managers are telling residents; it's on their website in their newsletter. Last August, when the village signed a three-year contract with Homefield, the alternative provider was slightly cheaper. Then ComEd rates dropped, which is why they now recommend it.

In most communities, switching back to ComEd will not cost you a termination fee. You should call your municipality to see who your provider is and let them know you want to switch to another company.

The Citizens Utility Board has more information to help consumers navigate the decision.

Homefield Energy officials could not be reached for comment.

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