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Introducing The Boers And Bernstein Hall Of Fame

(WSCR) For over 13 years, The Boers and Bernstein Show has polluted Chicago radio with negativity and hatred.

Each year, this hatred is displayed in its full glory with The Tournament of Bad.

This month, The Boers and Bernstein Show will reveal a "softer side" as we launch a new annual feature - The Boers and Bernstein Hall of Fame.

Beginning Monday, Feb. 18, the show will present four candidates a day for consideration into The B&B HOF. Listeners will be directed to to vote on each candidate. If the candidate receives the necessary amount of "yes" votes, it will be inducted into the B&B HOF. The voting results will be revealed on Friday, Feb. 22 as we introduce the inaugural class in The B&B HOF.

Each member of the show will be responsible for selecting four candidates. We will have a total of 16 candidates. The candidates can be any person, place, or thing.

For example, Matt Abbatacola will select xxx as one of his four candidates. Candidates will need to receive a minimum of 90% of a "yes" vote to be inducted. If xxx receives 5,000 total votes, 4,500 would need to be "yes" in order to be inducted. If 4,499 are "yes" votes, xxx would not get in - only 89.98%

Candidates are eligible for one year only. Those candidates that fail to receive the necessary votes in 2013 are forever ineligible - either you're in, or you're not.

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