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Inspector General Report Shows Tens Of Thousands Of Pieces Of Delayed, Undelivered Mail In Chicago

CHICAGO (CBS) -- For months, CBS 2 has been investigating lost or undelivered mail all across Chicago. An inspector general looked into many of the issues reported, including thousands of parcels delayed or not delivered this past summer on the South Side.

"Your news reports have really given a voice to my constituents," said U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Illinois).

Based on those reports, Rush called for an internal postal service investigation.

This month the 18 page report was released, and it was not kind to the Auburn Park, Henry McGee, Ashburn, and James E. Worsham post office branches. The USPS Inspector General released some internal photos of mail just sitting around.

It is curious since Ashburn Station and Henry McGee Station reported they had no instances of delayed mail.

The report found 62,866 pieces of delayed mail between May and July. Investigators found "management at all four stations did not accurately report delayed mail."

More photos that are part of the report show just some of the 53 delivery vehicles left unlocked -- ripe for theft. Eighteen of them contained mail and packages.

Then there's the mail deemed "non-delivered." Investigators wrote, "Three stations did not report any 'non-deliveries' ... however, during our site visits, we determined that there were 18,785 non-deliveries."

On average, 30% of employees just did not show up to work each day last summer at those branches. One recommendation made to the Chicago Postmaster is to fire those workers who routinely do not show up.

CBS 2 asked the USPS how many terminations have occurred in these branches so far since the target date for implementation was last month. The USPS had not responded by 5 p.m. Monday.

There was no recommendation that any managers be terminated.

The other recommendations include prioritizing delayed and undelivered mail at those branches and regular monitoring and compliance of screening procedures.'

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