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Inside Job? Thieves Use Postal Service Master Key To Swipe Packages

CHICAGO (CBS) -- They enter empty-handed but walk out carry bags of stolen packages from a mailroom.

The theft alone is alarming, but CBS 2's Jermont Terry reports, there's a concern about how the thieves gain access to the West Loop condos.

The suspects don't break in or wait for somebody to open a door. The enter with a key--one that only postal workers should carry.

On video, thieves pack up---and haul away packages from a building's mailroom. They leave with bags of goods over their shoulder.

"They're like Santa Claus," a resident said.

But there's no joy the rightful owners get from seeing their packages walk out of the door


Package thefts always increase around the holidays. In fact U.S. postal inspectors arrested nearly 2500 people, nationwide for stealing mail and packages in 2018.

However, in this case, there's a chance this heist is someone connected to the post office.

"It's not surprising to see this type of crime committed, but the manner it was committed is surprising," said condo association president Dave Kohn.

The past Sunday and the Sunday before Thanksgiving ---crooks entered the West Loop building around 6 a.m. Both times they used a key only postal workers are supposed to have.

"Somebody is getting into buildings in the Chicago area using U.S. postal service keys that they've obtained somehow," Kohn said.

The master key allows postal workers to enter countless buildings.

Once inside, the thieves have full range to clear out any mailroom.

The fear is where will the key turn up next.

"This is a problem that could affect many other buildings in the Chicago area," Kohn said.

The postal service told CBS 2 that they were looking into the matter and didn't comment on how those keys are kept secured.


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