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Innovative Express Denies It Wrongly Gave Away COVID Vaccine To CPS Employees

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A healthcare company is responding after the city of Chicago pulled its supply of COVID-19 vaccine.

Now thousands of patients are scrambling to find their second doses.

On Wednesday, the CEO of Innovative Express Care said it followed the rules, as it understood them.

According to a social media post, the company said:

"CDPH officials never made it clear to us as a provider that we should be storing vaccines in a refrigerator for people awaiting second doses. This makes no sense to us. Rather, we have been following CDC guidance to get as many vaccines in eligible patients arms as possible," said Doctor Rahul Khare, CEO of Innovative Express Care.

The Chicago Department of Public Health seized all remaining shots the facility had.

The clinic was hired by Chicago Public Schools to vaccinate teachers, but the city says it gave out nearly 6,000 doses to people who were not eligible.
But pulling the vaccine is leaving some people very frustrated.

"I can understand someone not playing by the rules or following directions, but to leave everybody out without getting their second vaccine and shutting people down, it's an open commitment we shut the door on," said Billie Risley, who cannot get a second dose.

The company's CEO said he strongly disagrees with the allegations. He said by the end of each week any extra doses not used by CPS went to eligible patients for their first dose.

He said they were ensured there were enough allocations for additional doses for all CPS employees.



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