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Indiana Racist Attack Goes Viral

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Shocking video of a racist attack against a Black man in southern Indiana goes viral.

Protesters are demanding justice.

A group of white men holds Vauhxx Booker against a tree near Lake Monroe, just south of Bloomington.

Booker said the men threatened to break his arms, even after a woman tried to step and help. The video has been viewed more than four million times on Facebook. Booker talks about the terror.

"While I was pinned down and these men were on top of me asking for a noose, they literally said the term noose, they yelled 'leave, leave the boy with us.' I wasn't even a man. I was a boy."

Booker said if it hadn't been for other people jumping in to help, things would've been worse. Indiana authorities are investigating. No charges have been filed and no arrests have been made.

That attack led to another in Bloomington Monday. A woman seen on a stretcher was one of two people hurt when someone drove a car through the crowd.

It happened just as a peaceful protest, demanding justice for Booker, was wrapping up. It's not clear how badly the two were hurt or whether Bloomington police were able to arrest the driver.


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