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Indiana Law Allows Police To Ticket Drivers Who Don't Pull Over For Speeders

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Starting in July, Indiana motorists could be fined $500 for failing to get out of the way of other drivers who want to pass in the left lane, even if the other driver is speeding.

The idea of ticketing someone who is driving at the speed limit and fails to move over for an approaching speeder got a fair amount of ridicule when first proposed.

One lawmaker said it was the silliest and most unjustifiable proposal of the session, and another said it didn't make sense to make the law-abiding citizen the bad guy.

Regardless, the measure sailed through the Indiana House, and squeaked through the Indiana Senate, and has been signed by Gov. Mike Pence. It goes into effect July 1.

State Rep. Jud McMillin, a Republican lawmaker from southern Indiana who sponsored the law, said it was about making sure people driving slower than other traffic in the passing lane are incentivized to get out of the way.

The law would allow police to issue $500 fines to drivers in the fast lane if they fail to move to the right lane when another vehicle is trying to pass them.

The law would not apply if the far-left lane is a designated carpool lane, is exiting the road to the left, paying a toll at a toll plaza, if another traffic law requires them to be in that lane at the time, or if a driver is in the left lane due to traffic congestion, inclement weather.

CBS 2's Marissa Bailey caught up with drivers today who had mixed reactions to the new law.

"You really gonna do that? Ticket someone for going slow? It's stupid," said Mike Sanchez.

Driver Bob Crass says he gets frustrated by slow drivers in the fast lanes because it "blocks and slows down traffic."

The Times of Northwest Indiana reports other lawmakers have raised questions about whether the law could even be enforced, or if police would simply pull over and ticket a driver who is speeding, instead of someone who doesn't move over to the right for a speeder.

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