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Northwest Indiana COVID Numbers Are Trending The Same Way Illinois' Numbers Are Going

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The drop in COVID cases in Illinois does/doesn't mirror what's happening in neighboring Indiana

CBS 2's Asal Rezaei reports nearby counties like Lake county here are seeing similar trend, but its the rest of the state that has yet to see cases peak.

"Over the last two weeks, we've actually had about a 50% drop in cases. But that's just for northwest Indiana specifically, if you look statewide, it's a very different picture."

Associate Professor of Economics at Indiana University Northwest has been keeping a close watch on COVID-19 numbers there. He said in Lake County, they recently peaked at about 1,000 cases a day. They're now down to just under 500 cases a day and that's also being mirrored in neighboring Porter, LaPorte and Marion counties.

"You know, the rest of the state is probably just a couple of weeks behind us. so I think we will see a rapid peak in these other counties," Pollack said.

A pulmonary and critical care physician in Indianapolis said right now, things are a bit inconsistent across the state.

"You have parts of the state like northwest Indiana near Chicago where things are kind of really calming down cases are coming down. And then other pockets of the state where cases continue to climb," said Dr. Gabe Bosslet.

He said every county and city is different as the omicron variant runs its course.

"I do think that it has to do with people's behaviors, their willingness to wear masks and sort of limit interactions," Bosslet said. "But at the same time, the thing that we've seen throughout this entire pandemic is that the virus is going to do way it wants to do things."

Health experts in Indiana said the peak of cases by definition is the worst part of the wave. So while we can expect to see cases begin to drop in the state, doctors said we shouldn't let our guard down just yet.



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