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In Karaoke League, Singers Have Fun While Competing For Prizes

CHICAGO (CBS) -- There's a whole world of karaoke competition echoing right here in Chicago.

CBS 2's Vince Gerasole reports they can compete for gift bags, nominal cash prizes, or a private engagement at a real concert hall.

Solo, they come from varied backgrounds

"I am a lawyer, I work for the federal government," said Eric Shepard.

"I work as an administrative assistant," said Suzanne Bracken.

"My go-to song is Boyz II Men 'I'll Make Love To You,'" said Jason Heilweil. "It's a part of me that not many people see."

But together, as part of the Second City Karaoke League, they've vocalized in teams during weeks of competition for prizes and honors

"It's just like intramural softball except you do karaoke," Shepard said.

"For our group we went full out, like wigs, costumes, the whole spiel," Bracken said.

Bar owners say the popularity of James Corden's car pool karaoke shows how the so-called art form continues to grow.

"We have law students from John Marshall, we have judges from the Federal Building, George Lucas has been here," said Dino Vulpitta of Brando's Speakeasy.

"A friend of mine once told me of my singing, 'Never have I heard someone do so much with so little talent,'" Shepard said.

If you are interested in league competition, Second City Karaoke is gearing up for summer play. For more information, visit

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