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In Illinois, 17-Year-Olds Allowed To Register To Vote

CHICAGO (CBS) -- For the first time in Illinois history, 17-year-olds are allowed to register to vote - and hundreds in Chicago have registered so far.

New Voting Law Affects Teens

WBBM's Steve Miller reports, that it's a new law this year: Anybody who's going to be 18 by the November general election can register to vote - and can vote in the March 18 primary.

"So any US citizen who's born November 4, 1996, or earlier, may register to vote and cast a ballot in this March primary," said Jim Allen, spokesman for the Chicago Election Board.

"We already have approximately 1500 registrations we've received and processed from the high schools.

"We have another 300 or so forms that are awaiting processing. And the schools are aware of the deadline to submit these.

"So there have been teachers and service learning coaches and different organizations like Mikva Challenge and League of Women Voters who have been adopting schools and participating at the school level to try to engage students and make them aware they have this option."

17-year-olds who'll be 18 on or before Nov. 4 may register through tomorrow - if they want to vote on primary day - or vote absentee or early-vote.

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